Patient Stories

Click here for a list of patient stories about Dr. Swanz during his time at Carolinas Natural Health Center.


MRSA Infections Gone

Dr. Swanz has healed our daughter of recurrent MRSA infections, when even the top Pediatric Infection Control Specialist  could not. He has opened our eyes to holistic healing and preventative medicine through diet. We will continue to seek his advice for our entire family’s health concerns. Keep Reading

PMS Symptoms Relieved

I want to send a big thank you for your all of your help. After dealing with years of moodiness and menstrual related struggles, I am finally finding some relief. I never thought it was possible to feel “normal” during such a hormonal time each month. After finally breaking down and talking to you about the issues I was dealing with, moodiness, exhaustion, and much more… I wasn’t sure you could actually give me something that could help that. Keep Reading

No More Chronic Ear Aches!

My daughter Lillian had eight ear infections before she was 18 months old. Her pediatrician prescribed the typical round of antibiotics, which seemed to resolve the fever and fussiness. The last two times she was on antibiotics she came down with a yeast infection. She would wake up screaming and crying in the middle of the night because of the pain, she was almost inconsolable. And it was getting harder and harder to get her to take each dose. Keep Reading

Major Gastrointestinal Issues Eased

In the spring of 2008 Dr. Peter Swanz treated me for major GI issues. My acupuncturist, who had determined that her treatment was clearly not working, referred me to him. I won’t even get into how many other doctors failed me before (it was a lot). Therefore I wasn’t too optimistic, and didn’t have much faith in Dr. Swanz. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Swanz’s treatments and the results. Keep Reading

Meningitis Symptoms Eased

Dr. Swanz’s focus, compassion and knowledge turned my niece’s dire condition around within 2 hours. After being hospitalized for 2 weeks with a rare from of meningitis, constantly vomiting and in pain, the conventional doctors were extremely concerned. They had run out of ideas. Keep Reading

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