Chronic Ear Aches

Natural Remedies for Ear Aches

My daughter Lillian had eight ear infections before she was 18 months old. Her pediatrician prescribed the typical round of antibiotics, which seemed to resolve the fever and fussiness. The last two times she was on antibiotics she came down with a yeast infection. She would wake up screaming and crying in the middle of the night because of the pain, she was almost inconsolable. It was getting harder and harder to get her to take each dose. I would have to hold down her hands and force her mouth open to get the medicine dropper in. Even then she would spit it out and cry. The pediatrician told me that if Lillian had one more ear infection she would be referred to a specialist for tubes.

A friend had told me about how she had always used natural remedies or homeopathy for her children and that they were rarely sick. I found Dr. Peter Swanz off a list of naturopathic doctors in my area. He recommended natural and homeopathic remedies for Lillian and she has not had one ear infection in over a year. And Lillian has been happy to take any of the doses I offer her, and sometimes even asks for her ‘medicine’. The remedies have helped to strengthen her system so much that even spending 3 days a week at a day care she is rarely sick.

I am so thankful to Dr. Swanz for taking the time and finding the right remedy for Lillian. As a single mother it has truly benefited our lives. I no longer have to take time off from work or leave work early because Lillian has a fever. She is sleeping so much better at night, and most importantly there is no more stress about forcing her to take medicine that was actually causing other problems. I would recommend Dr. Swanz and natural remedies to any family who is frequently using antibiotics to help their children with ear infections or any other illness.

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