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February 20th, 2015

When my wife Robin and I applied for supplemental life insurance we answered numerous questions regarding our health and lifestyle. I informed the interviewer that I have an annual exam with my primary care doctor and also see a naturopathic physician, an acupuncturist, and a chiropractor. The interviewer questioned my need for a chiropractor. I told him that I feel better overall and my physical performance and capabilities improve when I visit my chiropractor regularly. I see my chiropractor to feel better, not because I feel bad. I invest in my health and have a team that supports me to cultivate and achieve my goals.

Our current medical system revolves around diagnosis and treatment, not prevention. It addresses issues after they have arisen, neglecting approaches that may thwart the onset. This woeful paradigm is locked in place by corporate interests that legislate against any change threatening the financial bottom line of their companies. The institutions that should be encouraging preventative healthcare – medical establishments, pharmaceutical industries, insurance agencies – will not begin to acknowledge or change practices because of the financial interests at stake. These industries have increased profits when the consumer is chronically ill. Plain and simple, the financial health of the business trumps the health of the consumer. We no longer can depend on our “healthcare industry” to keep us healthy. The ball is in our court and we have to change the way we play the game.

If we focus on maximizing our own health and the health of our family, this change will spread into our surrounding community. You can use your consumer dollars to do several things to align with a “preventative healthcare” mindset. Now is the time to invest in your health.

  • Shift your insurance coverage to a Health Savings Account. Use your HSA money to see a naturopathic physician, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist without the constraint of an insurance plan that won’t cover preventative care practitioners.
  • Invest more money on fresh vegetables and fruits from the local farmer’s market to consume at home. You pay the local farmer or you pay the local pharmacist, it is up to you.
  • Spend time being physically active. Direct your recreational budget towards businesses that engage your body. Don’t spend money at the movies, instead take the kids to the zoo and walk around.
  • Stop purchasing products from companies that lobby against the interests that matter to you – things like: mandatory GMO labeling, avoiding big business “organic” producers, avoiding monsanto and companies that support monsanto, protecting our bees, etc. I recommend visiting to download the offerred app to your smartphone. You can scan barcodes on products you are purchasing to see if they come from manufactures that are aligned with your ideals.

Substantial change begins with basic steps. Remember, preventative healthcare is often more simple and less costly than curing or treating disease.

~Dr. Swanz

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