Brief Initial Consultation

A complimentary brief consultation is available for individuals that would like to meet with Dr. Swanz prior to a new patient intake to discuss how naturopathic medicine can be beneficial to long term health and vitality. This is not required to schedule a comprehensive new patient intake. Please visit helpful resources to address frequently asked questions.

Comprehensive New Patient Intake

This is an in-depth appointment with a new patient focused on gathering the details related to the current primary complaint in addition to the past medical history. Dr. Swanz will take the necessary time to listen to and understand your unique specific health concerns. Attention will be given to address all aspects of health and well being, a truly holistic patient intake. The appointment may include: a homeopathic remedy prescription, review of diet, supplements, recent labs, discussion of recommendations, an immediate course of action, and a long-term plan for your health and well being. Children may require 1 ½  hours and adults up to 2 ½ hours for an intake.

  • Your Investment for Adult New Patient Intake – $349
  • Your Investment for Child New Patient Intake – $249
  • Your Investment for Child New Patient Intake (under 2 years old) – $179

*Beginning on March 1st, 2014 there is a non-refundable $50 deposit required to schedule a New Patient visit. The remaining balance for the first visit is due at the time of service.  Payment options are available, please inquire at the free brief consultation if cost is a concern.  Appointments that are cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged at 50% of the normal rate.

Follow-up Consultations

Most follow-up consultations are billed at the Standard follow-up rate and typically take 30 minutes. Some follow-up appointments may be more complex if there are new issues to address or the patient hasn’t been seen in an extended period; or the doctor is re-evaluating the patient’s case. These visits may be billed as an Extended or a Comprehensive consultation. A Brief consultation is typically for checking in on a single health issue (blood pressure, weight loss) and are not a regular follow-up consultation. The type of follow-up consultation needed is determined by your physician and may not always be known until during your appointment.

  • Standard Follow-up – $89
  • Brief Follow-up – $59
  • Extended Follow-up – $129
  • Comprehensive Follow-up – $199
  • Phone consultations are billed the same as in office appointments.

Prepaid follow-up consultations

We offer prepaid follow-up consultations of 5 visits with a 10% savings on your wellness care. These consultations can be shared among family members that are already established patients.

  • Your investment – $400.50 for 5 standard follow-up appointments

Acute Consultations

Acute office consultations are designed to help you recover quickly from an acute illness (ie. cold, flu, insect bite, poison ivy, etc.)  During this appointment your doctor will focus on your acute illness and create a customized plan to quickly remedy your health. This may often include a homeopathic remedy, nutritional supplements or herbal medicines, diet and hydrotherapy recommendations. Your appointment includes one week of phone support with your doctor.  Supplements or herbal medicines are not included in the cost of the appointment. Additional appointments and follow-up would be determined by your doctor and incur additional investment.

  • Investment for an acute consultation – $199


Occasionally Dr. Swanz will suggest some alternative testing for new or established patients. Not all patients will be recommended testing. If testing is suggested, there are additional costs associated with laboratory tests. Depending on your health insurance it may be possible to be reimbursed for these costs. Please check with your insurance carrier.


Nutritional supplements are often an important part of your health and healing. We carry many of the highest quality nutritional supplements most often recommended in office and have more available through our Virtual Pharmacy, Wellevate. Know that your physician has taken a significant amount of time to research and find the best products for your specific health concern. Out of convenience and assurance of quality, you may choose to purchase your nutritional supplements from us, but you are not required to do so. We will happily evaluate outside supplements that you wish to use as an alternative to the recommended products.

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